The Faker

Have you ever had a job that you were prepared to do just about anything to get out of? Meet Joe Pearce. Joe has become so bored of his life, and his job as a stock broker, that he devises a plan to “fake” his way out of work while still getting paid. He thinks he has found a way but it’s risky. Hot on his trail is a crafty insurance agent who trails him looking for proof that he is, in fact, just “faking” an injury to get out of work.

In a bid to get as far away from his brokerage job as possible, Joe finds refuge in a small northern Ontario town and discovers that life as he knows it is a sham and no longer exists.

The Faker is a story about avoiding truth at your own peril and having to stand for something eventually. There is a light comedic element that runs throughout the screenplay, and a romantic interest in the form of Sam, a local waitress who has seen all that life can deliver including the insurance agents on Joe’s trail.

The Speed of Falling

Chico Mitch is a washed up UFC Champion willing to take on any physically dangerous job as long as it pays. After a bumbling and comedic series of these dangerous jobs, Chico is approached by a mysterious agent who works at a Yoga studio who offers him a lucrative contract to do a series of televised yoga videos. Sounds simple, but the “yoga” videos take on the military physicality of parkour – which involve Chico trying to outrun and outmaneuver the camera crew hired to film him. Chico accepts the assignment, the large pay check and his growing fame, but the assignment turns into something far different than what he thought he signed up for.

The Speed of Falling is a rambling good time that takes us from Algonquin Park, the rooftops in Paris, and eventually to a final resolution at Machu Picchu where Chico Mitch’s true nature is revealed. Get ready for this roller coaster ride, some rollicking good tunes, and a burning love affair that will leave you wanting more.

Long March North

James Barron is the latest generation in a long line of family wealth – a wealth that has dirty tentacles through the decades. When his Q-400 aircraft is shot down in a ball of flame it creates an international event that sets off a series of puzzles to find out who, and why, it was done. Spend a night with an unrelated group of people, socializing on a back deck overlooking with city skyline, before you realize what they are really up to. Travel into the frozen depths of northern Ontario with local trappers and fishing guides. Experience wilderness survival and good versus evil. Be prepared to go further off the grid then you have ever been before.

Long March North is the modern Canadian road movie version of “Hanna” meets the “Bourne Identity”. Watch as the hunters become the hunted, and who you thought were the bad guys – might not be as bad as you thought.

In a new generation of road movies, Long March North, uses some breathtaking scenery, with some exotic machinery including a 1950s Bombardier snow cat, snowmobiles, and helicopters. This character based movie is razor sharp and will keep you on the edge of your seat right until its dramatic conclusion.